You need the right gear to win.

Online gaming and eSports tournaments are more competitive than ever. You never know how much the other players practice, or what equipment they use to play against you.

You need a combination of skill, practice, and the right gaming setup to master a title. We understand that even the best professional players become average if they use a normal keyboard or mouse.  

Hexgears designs top tier gaming equipment to give you the edge you need to win. Our engineers work with eSports players to develop the latest technology so your equipment can perform when you need it.

Venture Mechanical Keyboard

eSports professionals use mechanical keyboards in competitions for a few important reasons. The main feature that sets high-quality mechanical keyboards apart is switch quality. We researched the market and chose the largest, most reliable manufacturer in the world – Kailh – because they are the gold standard for major gaming brands. Their BOX switches last significantly longer than standard switches (80+ million presses vs. 50-60), and require less effort due to slightly decreased finger travel distance.

Our company regularly sponsors up and coming eSports players to help improve their game. Hexgears also fights to keep prices reasonable so that you only pay for performance, not a label. We’re all about helping gamers reach their peak, which is why our equipment is so accessible.

Our goal is to help you to dominate the competition at the perfect price. Don’t lose a match because you have a cheap keyboard, and don’t get cheated by branding. The difference between victory and defeat can be just a split-second. Play faster, longer, and better with winning tools from Hexgears.