Hexgears is a global gaming brand with influences from the USA, Germany, and China. We build high quality products for elite gamers and disciplined workers. Gaming is a lifestyle, and our merchandise reflects that. Peak performance and ultimate control are our calling cards.

Hexgears is here to be the gaming brand that you can take anywhere — even the office. The Bluetooth equipped X-1, our flagship product in the US, is a perfect way to introduce that concept.

The founders of Hexgears thought that the gaming industry was stagnating. With that in mind, they worked to inject creativity and mobility into new products. Hexgears is characterized by constant research, competitive pricing, and deep-seated determination to make products that accelerate your gameplay. Even if that means breaking new ground and taking risks.

We are partnered with Kono Store, which handles shipping and fulfillment for our products. Their distribution network helps deliver our products to gamers and enthusiasts around the world.