Venture - Low-Profile Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

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Venture is Hexgears' latest low-profile wireless keyboard. It features improved multi-device Bluetooth connectivity, RGB lighting (including ring lighting around its exterior), and a machined aluminum upper case.

improved wireless performance

Venture's updated Bluetooth system results in stronger and longer-lasting connections. Its 4-device memory helps you control various media platforms with a single keyboard. Whether you're streaming on your television or browsing social media, connecting and switching between Bluetooth devices has never been easier.

We're still testing battery life, but substantial 4,000 mAh (dual 2000 mAh) AA form-factor rechargeable cells will massively increase Venture's longevity. Even better: you can swap in regular alkaline AAs or appropriate rechargeable cells on the go thanks to our team's user-replaceable design.

durable hardware

Top of the line Kaihua Choc switches, a sturdy aluminum upper case, and a carefully injection molded plastic lower case (to allow Bluetooth signal) combine into a solid platform for your input. Venture's USB-C port provides a future-proof and stable wired mode for charging or desktop use. Finally, a rugged EVA case may be included when the project goes live.

implementing feedback

We're improving our manuals, switching to sculpted keycaps, and making components like the battery user-replaceable in the Venture. Our team also changed other aspects of the Venture's design — like its first-in-class RGB light ring — to exceed expectations. This is all due to feedback from supporters and reviewers.

project status

The Venture is in its final prototyping phase. Few changes, if any, will be made other than keycap legend / letter adjustments. At this time, we simply need funds to set up and begin production. You can support us on Kickstarter once the campaign launches.

our portfolio

Hexgears keyboards are designed to work on gaming desks, in coffee shops, and even in the most extreme settings. Our previous crowdfunding project, the X-1, was the first modern mechanical keyboard to be used at the South Pole — and we have the pics to prove it. Competitive wired keyboards were also released in the US after the X-1 made its debut. We're proud to bring concepts and feedback from those projects to the Venture.

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